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Lamancha & Oberhasli Dairy Goats

In the Beginning,

I was born allergic to milk. With goat's milk being all I could drink, my mother, Lisa Sieber (Synesael Grube), bought a few goats. She figured we might as well do something with them, so we started showing them. My-Kids Dairy Goats was the result. 

In 2003 I married Brad Laffoon. I took half the herd with me when I moved and developed my own herd of Lamanchas- Goddess Caprines. Brad has whole heartedly took on the crazy goat life.

Our daughter, Jordan Nicole, was born in November 2008. She has become quite an accomplished young showman!

In 2012 we changed our herdname to Winds of Wea. Our land was refered to as Wea Plains back when the Wea Indians lived here. The weather at our home is always windy, and we have many wind farms in the area. We hope to someday have our own windmill.

In 2018 we purchased a couple of Oberhasli does and have started raising them as well. 

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